When Was Your Last Powerful Company Retreat?

How do you know that your business is overdue for a well facilitated retreat? Here are some common symptoms:

  • Your revenue is pointing south,
  • Your employees are not united in purpose anymore, there’s too much in-fighting and toxicity,
  • Your employee morale is down, and
  • Your strategy is not playing the script because your competitive landscape has thrown in new dynamics.

Or positively,

  1. Things are looking good for your company.
  2. You want to create a data-driven transformation plan.
  3. You want to develop a growth or succession strategy.
  4. You want to lead and manage change.
  5. You want to review, renew or reaffirm your mission and shared values. And/or
  6. You want to create strong bonding within your team.

Or quite frankly, you’re plain overwhelmed and tired! The daily hustle and firefighting is wearing you out. It happens to business leaders all the time. And pow: burnout!

Imagine trying to solve those problems, imagine trying to intuit your revenue breakthroughs in the midst and bustle of daily operations! That’s what many business leaders try to do. Things only get a little more intense. Until you retreat.

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Retreat photo 5

Retreat photo 5

What You Achieve From a Well Facilitated Company or Board Retreats

Done well, retreats offer you a creative space to gain inspiration and create collaboration among your team members. They offer you the needed environment to interrogate the performance of different aspects of your business - HR, production, sales, marketing, finance, IT, supply chain - and to press the ‘Reset’ button as needed. What works, what doesn’t work - very powerful farming.

Retreats aren’t complete without team building and fun activities. Talk about decompressing your employees from months of pressures and deadlines at the office! We never get over the fun of having millennials, middle-agers, grandpas and grannies trying to prove their mettle in a sack race or egg drop competition. The energy and fun of the moment follow your team into their Monday morning. The conversations and jokes around the team events last a long time and enhance the health of your team.

When last did you hold such a powerful company retreat? How often do you hold company retreats to generate breakthrough business ideas and solve your most persistent business challenge - monthly, quarterly, annually?

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