I’ve worked businesses that were initially completely out of control.

An energetic entrepreneur who had struggled with her catering business for about 11 years came to consult with me. She had dozens of bright ideas to grow her stunted business. As I listened closely to her, I heard the following phrase intermittently: “But my head is scattered right now.”

Like “fetching water with a basket…”

See, running a business without structured processes is like, as they say in my village, fetching water with a basket. It is frustrating, high blood pressure inducing, unpredictable, unprofitable, and unsustainable. It will ‘scatter your head.’

Design the structure

Business is an art. But it is more a science. As art, you can freewheels… break the rules, go beyond design boundaries, dare the unknown. But as science, you must follow the theory, embrace the known and design the structure.

Running a business is s delicate balance, thus. On one hand, you break rules. On the other, you follow rules. On the one hand, you dare the unknown; on the other, you embrace the known.

There’s are processes for hiring and retaining, organizational alignment, creating a winning culture, deciding strategy, merging and acquiring, exploring international markets, marketing, selling, managing cashflow, designing winning products, advertising…

So, if your head is scattered right now, it’s about time we engaged the rules of the game.