“Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.” But not in our workshops and management team retreats! Our in-company management team workshops are usually very intense (but thoroughly insightful and enjoyable - as participants routinely confess).

Dozens of team members have never experienced such rigor as we force feed into the diagnostics part of our workshops and retreats.

So, why’s that?

Before you can effectively manage an adaptive business challenge, you’ll have to make new neurons. Because existing neurons don’t know what to do about the new situations. If you keep using the same neurons, you keep getting the same results.

So, we use adaptive rigor. We force those dormant mental muscles to creak and crank. We midwife baby neurons and synaptic connections. Initially, just like birth pangs, this team being exposed to new ways of working and thinking feel friction.

But once the participants get into the rhythm, they are amazed at how much a team can achieve if they dared work their mental muscles.

Now, what’s rigor to do with it?

What does rigor have to do with sales and profits in your company? Everything. If Isaac Newton were speaking at the Harvard Business School, he’d say,

“Every sales projection must have an equal and opposite backend rigor.”

If you don’t put in the rigor at the backend of your business model, your marketing and selling would be grossly suboptimal. It takes a certain kind of purposeful rigor to understand your customer and the tasks your intended product would help her achieve. It takes rigor to understand the competition and where your “blue ocean” category and profit center might lie.

The main work for selling your product or services is done at the backend. And the diesel at the backend is purposeful rigor.

Is your team putting in enough, high quality homework that will drive your sales projection for the year? Fine-tune your homework and the sale will take care of itself.