Why businesses don’t succeed without results-driven consulting

The legendary Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Hardly any business grows to its full potential without sound business coaching, advisory and networking with other successful business leaders.

It is hard to spot serious business problems from within - The CEO “blind spot effect.”

The hardest business challenges are adaptive, not technical. Adaptive problem-solving, unlike technical, is not directive. It needs an intense amount of creativity to help a firm sail through its adaptive problems. Changing behaviors in an organization, helping your employees adopt a transformed culture or crafting a winning strategy in a “red ocean” industry does not follow a simple algebra.

In our consulting practice with big and medium-sized companies, we have consistently observed what we have come to call “the 7 management demons” that create huge losses for many organizations in our environment:

  • Lack of employee rigor
  • Lack of attention to detail across the organization
  • No framework-driven planning and decision making
  • Operations are hardly process or data-driven
  • Not measuring the business at all or measuring the wrong items
  • Inadequate alignment between strategy, mission and culture of the company
  • The “Tower of Babel Effect” - no shared language across the organization

No business can survive these demons for long! When we work for an organization, we are mindful that the solutions we work through have behavior components. Influencing employee behavior is the harder part. Anyone can solve technical issues.

Ogbo and consulting partner with Brandlife CEO during a recent retreat.

Some of the results we have created for our clients:

Transformation and Growth Execution Plan

We work with dozens of companies to craft transformation (RapidScaling®) plans.

Finding Working Capital without Borrowing from Bank

High interest bank loans (30% - 35%) are crippling West African businesses. We have helped companies implement value chains initiatives that helped them generate cash to grow their businesses, without needing to rush for bank loans.

Marketing Plan

You cannot scale your business unless you get your marketing right. You cannot get your marketing right unless you first do the gruesome homework of market sizing, research-based segmenting and positioning of your company and products. We are always delighted by the positioning and growth opportunities we unlock for our clients when we take them through our STP (Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning) workshops.

Design Thinking and Product Development Breakthroughs

Our clients have designed better marketing and recorded significant growth in sales when we helped them see their business from the eyes of their customer and design compelling products and services that the customer wants.

Shared Values, Mission, Culture and Norms Workshops

We have helped several companies not just redefine their shared values and mission but also create the culture and norms to drive change in the organization.

Capacity Planning, Plant Layout Planning

One major manufacturing client was shown how they lost about N21 billion annually in under utilization and poor inventory management. We redesigned their factory layout for optimal flow.

Governance and Succession Planning

We have supported family businesses as they worked through succession to the next generation.