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Business design tools and strategic coaching online, live, and in-house for business leaders to scale, rapidly.

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Why Giantthoughts Consulting

Giantthoughts’s primary commitment is to the board, CEOs, founders and directors of high net worth businesses. Scaling a business can be overwhelming for the CEO and his team.

A major cause of executive burnout is the absence of a self-sustaining, constantly innovating business model. When profitable, market-facing systems and processes are not in place, the CEO is left in the transactional, fire-fighting, analog management mode—a recipe for chronic executive fatigue and poor corporate performance.

We showed a horrified client—the CEO and his management team, one of Nigeria’s largest lube manufacturers—a revenue loss of N23.3 billion—a gap between installed and utilized blender capacity! Using their production and operations data, we generated insight to support their scaling and plant modernization project.

Besides competition, people issues and organizational culture rank high on the Business Leader’s Worry List. For the CEO, hiring right is a must. Not just hiring right, but retaining the best talent. People are a source of competitive advantage.

In these considerations, Giantthoughts Consulting helps business owners and leaders scale rapidly by taking the complexity of scaling off their shoulder. Our proprietary Rapid Scaling® System and Growth Hacking™ Mastermind make this happen.