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Rapid Scaling® Bootcamp Empowering business leaders to scale

Be one of 15 business leaders to get early access to Giantthoughts' Rapid Scaling® Bootcamp and enrolled into an exclusive mastermind for scaling.

Rapid Scaling Bootcamp: Highlights

10 Immersions

Proven principles, frameworks, and design tools to kickstart and sustain your scaling in 10 hands-on immersions.

Growth Mastermind

Exclusive mastermind of market influencers and access to privileged ideas to boost your competitive edge.

Lifetime Access

Ever-fresh, evergreen library of repeatable processes for transformation and growth.

Praise for Ogbo

I have attended several programs in Harvard, MIT and other Ivy League schools but the value for me in (working with Ogbo) was the practical Nigerian stories that I can relate with. His material is very concise and simple to understand.

Obadare Peter Adewale, Cyber Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance Consulting

Why you need the Rapid Scaling® System

Ogilvy, the advertising legend, narrated how one idea scaled Mercedes' sales in North America from 10,000 to 40,000 units in one year in the 1960’s. Now, that’s rapid scaling!

You do not have forever to turn your business around when you can take advantage of Giantthoughts' proven Rapid Scaling® System for transformation and growth.

The Rapid Scaling® Bootcamp was designed by Ogbo A. Ogbo as Africa's first 12-week immersive online business growth and transformation program for high-performing business leaders who want to remain in the lead while leading. It's the surest way to have the company of your dreams in 12 weeks.

Your facilitator

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

Ogbo has facilitated transformation for more than 30 mid-sized companies spanning technology, FMCG, construction, energy, agro value chain, fashion, marketing agencies, education, media, insurance and financial institutions.

As a transformation guest lecturer at two prestigious business schools (Lagos Business School (LBS) and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)); and Facilitator for Stanford Graduate School of Business initiative (Stanford SEED), Ogbo helps dozens of CEOs and market leaders seeking solutions to scale their businesses.

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Praises for Ogbo

The executive coaching with Ogbo over the past four months has been fantastic! I have learned beyond just what I need for my work… even what I need for my personal life!

Giantthoughts icon Oluwaseyi Kehinde-Peters, Group Head, HR, Cleanserve

I have attended several programs in Harvard, MIT and other Ivy League schools but the value for me in (working with Ogbo) was the practical Nigerian stories that I can relate with. His material is very concise and simple to understand.

Obadare Peter Adewale, Cyber Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance Consulting

Ogbo’s facilitation was excellent, the brainstorming sessions and the transformation plan for the company came out very well. We exceeded our expectations and we do feel a debt of gratitude to Ogbo.

Giantthoughts icon Captain Kiddie Dare, Chairman, CreditRegistry Services Plc.

The team building exercise facilitated by Ogbo challenged team members to a great deal of collaboration, lateral thinking, competition and collective problem solving!

Funmi Onajide, (2010) General Manager, Corporate Affairs, MTN

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The Rapid Scaling® Bootcamp Curriculum

Immersion 1

Scalability Diagnostics®

Score your current strategy for scalability before embarking on growth. Answer the 4 core strategy questions—what’re your broad aspirations and goals? Where should you play or not play? How could you win in your chosen space? What capabilities and systems must you build to win?

Immersion 2

Transformational Leadership and Culture

Learn step-by-step through the process of setting up a board and managerial leadership. Learn to set up the steering committee of capable champions to scale your company.

Immersion 3

Your Business Model Canvas

Develop the 9 building blocks of your business with a Business Model Canvas. Learn to hinge your ambitious goals on hot, attractive, rapidly growing and sustainable markets.

Immersion 4

Organizational Design & Structure

Learn to sync your organizational design and structure with your strategy and objectives. Create efficient job roles and responsibilities.

Immersion 5

Customer Development

Leverage design thinking to tap into the hidden feelings and deep metaphors of your customers and ship products they desire and compel you for more.

Immersion 6

Transformed Marketing

Determine your key market drivers, potential market size and the competitive intelligence in your sector. Segment, target and position your company and products for market dominance.

Immersion 7

Sales Development

Design a predictable and scalable sales pipeline. Develop a sales process that aligns with your target market and buyer’s journey. Learn how to close sales with your website, emails, newsletters, automated sales letters, and other marketing materials.

Immersion 8

Business Process Transformation

Learn how to define and write suitable standard operating procedures for your transformed business model. Create action plans for eliminating process bottlenecks. Learn to use business process maps and documented value chains as key decision-making frameworks.

Immersion 9

Financing Growth

Learn how to spot hidden cash opportunities from account receivables, supplier credits and inventory to back your rapid scaling. Learn to craft irresistible, money-attracting pitches. Be enamored with fail-proof financing plans for your scaled business.

Immersion 10

Execution Coaching

In-house, face-to-face Rapid Scaling® Execution coaching with your Management Team.

Your Investment, $9,999

Money back guarantee logo Delivered completely online, the Rapid Scaling® Bootcamp is immensely convenient. Lead Facilitator Ogbo engages every enrollee individually and as a group, which is why the number per session is kept small—15. You're making a one-time investment of $9,999 to your business advantage. We guarantee your satisfaction 100% or your money back.

  • 12-week immersive bootcamp, convenient, no travel
  • Walk out Rapid Scaling® Certified
  • Rapid Scaling® Transformation Roadmap
  • 10 projects in 12 weeks, make a difference
  • Ogbo's dedicated guidance
  • Mastermind network of market influencers
  • Lifetime access to business transformation content

More Information

2018 Seasons

  • Season 1: Feb 5 - April 25
  • Season 2: Jun 5 - Aug 25
  • Season 3: Oct 1 - Dec 20
* The first 3 seasons of the Rapid Scaling® Bootcamp will be held in 2018. Each season is 12-week long.

What is Rapid Scaling® Bootcamp?

Rapid Scaling® Bootcamp is an immersive, 12-week business growth program designed by Ogbo for high-performing leaders to stay in the lead while leading.

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